Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Trends – My Closet

Well, hello there! So, apparently, I took a brief blogging break. I apologize. My life is quite hectic during the school year, so there may be sporadic breaks!

I have been very productive at home though recently. I’m not sure if it’s the (non) Fall air or what. But I’ve been organizing more around the house, and I find everything is more peaceful when it’s neat. Which brings me to my closet…I’m always donating old clothing and shoes. I really like to do this, so that my closet does not become too crowded. My closet is a nice size, and there’s no excuse for it being cluttered except me collecting too much! With that being said, I have decided that each season (we really don’t have seasons where I live- it’s basically cool for 3 or so months and warm/hot the rest of the year) I will try to get a few new fashionable items. As always this will be done on a budget cause that’s just how I like to shop. Why overpay, right?

Here’s what I’m looking for this Fall:

Black patent flats and leopard flats



Peplum something! I love it and think it’s just fabbb!

Two simple long sleeve t-shirts

One new lightweight, possibly gauzy, scarf

Two nontraditional sweaters/jackets
     I saw something just like this at TJMaxx last weekend.



I would also like a pair of these Frye boots, but they’re super pricey, and I’m not sure enough about them yet. Yep, they sure are beauties!


I am determined to stay under $100 for these items. Obviously, the boots would bust my budget. There are some great used ones on Ebay for close to half the price of new ones.

On a different note, I’ve been cooking a lot, and I have some yummy recipes coming soon. Stay tuned.