Monday, July 2, 2012

A Figgy Salad

in the last few years, i have discovered that i really like figs. a few of my family members & neighbors have fig trees on their property, and i hate to keep asking for figs. this year, i am dead set on planting a fig tree in my backyard. i was really inspired last year by kate’s recipe for fig pizza. unfortunately, i think it was towards the end of the season & i didn’t get to make the pizza in time. i will definitely make it this summer – just you wait!

my dad gave me a few figs from his tree this weekend. they were small, but still quite delicious. i can’t wait to think of what’s to come in the next few months on that tree.

i made a simple salad today as part of my lunch that included the figs.

in the salad:
organic spring mix
three small figs
pumpkin seeds
blue cheese (my love)
juice from half a squeezed lemon
olive oil

fig salad         

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