Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Simply Delicious Dessert

friends, i have a nice little dessert for you today that takes all of 10 minutes to prep. if it’s quick, tasty, and healthy, it fits the bill for me! this; however, isn’t really on the healthy side, but it was just a little weekend treat for us to enjoy with our very special guests.

here’s what you’ll need:

ice cream of your choice – we used neapolitan
6 oz chocolate – melt this, add a little milk if necessary to achieve a “drippy’ consistency
4 oz heavy whipping cream

ever since i had my mom’s homemade whip cream, i have never quite been able to go back to using cool whip. she ruined me. but that’s ok. i’d much prefer to take a few minutes and make my own whip cream. it truly is that.much.better.

make sure your heavy whipping cream is really cold before you start this process. i used my handheld mixer to do this. pour heavy whipping cream into a spacious bowl (because it will splatter), crank the mixer up to high speed and whip your little heart out. i like to be cautious, so i probably over whip it just a tad, but that’s ok. it’s never turned to butter on me. it takes me about 5 minutes to get it to the consistency that i like. think stiff mountain peeks. that’s what your going for. when finished whipping, refrigerate.

melt your chocolate. my lovely husband did this step for me using the microwave. you could do this on the stove, if you like.

layer in a glass or bowl: 2 scoops of ice cream, a few generous dollups of whip cream, drizzle melted chocolate on top. put this in the freezer and enjoy later.

we found out that they do need to sit out on the counter about 10 minutes before you plan on eating or they will be too hard to properly indulge.

i love this dessert most of all because the melted chocolate creates a hard shell. i think i was a kid the last time i had ice cream with a chocolate shell. this was definitely worth the wait!