Monday, June 25, 2012

Waffles and Berries

yesterday i was craving waffles right around lunch time. i had time to whip out the waffle maker & create a carbolicious lunch for us. we enjoyed every bite!
a normal breakfast for me consists of a green monster & an egg. i learned about green monsters about three years ago from the very talented, angela. at first, i, like many others, didn’t know how one could possibly get down this green drink first thing in the morning. then, i decided to try it. not surprisingly, i’ve been hooked ever since. i’ll say it just like the rest…you don’t even taste the spinach, kale, or other green component that you put in it. my green monster recipe is rather boring. i rarely ever change it up, but every morning i get the awesome flavors of mixed berries & bananas & a nutritional boost all in one.
well, this morning, there was a waffle on the counter staring me down. i nixed my usual breakfast & decided to roll with the waffle. great decision.

on my waffle, there is:
almond butter
frozen mixed berries
maple syrup

this is how i typically dress my waffles. i love the cold, frozen mixed berries on top of the warm waffle. it’s a great contrast. if i have shredded coconut in the house, i’'ll throw that on too. come to think of it, i’d like to try drizzling coconut milk over my waffle next time. i bet that’d be pretty tasty.

waffles and berries


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